M-A-N-I-A-C : Me, Myself and I?

Yesterday I started watching “Maniac” the new Netflix serie with Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. I found the introduction above all curious and its something I often think about.

Hypothesis: All souls are in a quest to connect. Our minds have no awareness of this quest. All the worlds that almost where, matter just as much as the world we’re in. These hidden worlds cause us great pain. Camaraderie, communion, family, friendship; we’re lost without connection. It’s quite terrible to be alone.

So this brings me up to all these theories and thoughts I have about humans, relationships; how we’re people of connections and the simple fact that we’re not made to be alone.. Almost everything in our lives goes about people, relationships, different groups of relations and how that interferes with your status of living -actually I find ourselves a pretty crazy and fucked up humanity-.

How many of us has problems connecting with other people? How many times have you been afraid of being an outsider or not being accepted in different groups of people? A lot of times this just happens cause a more influenceable person created this opinion about you and spread it around.. How many times do we appear to be someone we aren’t? Just cause we wanna be part of something or someone.. I think that this happens to a lot of us.

What I also experience a lot is that people doesn’t take the effort or time to really get to know each other.. Or to look further into that person and dig in what’s important for him/her and makes them who they are today. I find myself struggling with these things a lot of times. People seem to prejudge so much.. I even find myself doing it sometimes and then I try to be conscious about it and avoid that behaviour.. It’s actually a very good practice for yourself. I give a lot about the people who surround me. For me its always an interesting something; getting to know the person; the way he/she thinks and stand for in the world. Superficiality is not for me. I wanna know the real person behind the face. This makes me angry with nowadays flexibility in relationships a lot of times. It’s so loose, the lack of commitment, its so “scroll away” kind of type.. One day you know each other, the other day it’s nothing. It’s so 21st century looseness.. Everything is so exciting and so boring at the same time. There’s not enough patience, everything needs to be fast and now.. Satisfying and complying on the moment and after that what shape it really takes doesn’t actually matter that much. Why should it? You already got the satisfaction you needed out of it, right?

I think nowadays we’re influenced a lot by how technology develops, by the “scrolling” and “like or not like” era. It’s gotten all so superficial, didn’t it? We don’t have time enough, we’re caught up in daily commitments and stress, we need to comply with so many things; that a lot of times we forget to enjoy and connect. Actually I think that a lot of times we’re getting more and more lonely and that the real connection with others is becoming difficult. These thoughts make me sad.. Even to me, who’s a peoples person, but sometimes I’m so absorbed in thoughts; in myself, that I find it difficult to get out and connect with people.. And then, when I think about it, when I actually caught myself in that journey I try to get out of it and get surrounded by the people I love, even though we’re all strangers and part of this “act” we pretend to play.